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We have a number of DVDs, books and magazines available to Club Members. The library is brought to club meetings for you to see and you can borrow items for intervals of one month.  Library borrowing fees are part of your Annual Subscription - so, it's FOC!

Club Librarian: John Sawyer                              Library Updated: 22nd February 2018                                        

NOTE:  the Club also has a range of wood turning related equipment for hire - to include lathes, chucks, tools and sharpening equipment.  See the Equipment for Hire page. 


 Turning Between Centres
 Dennis White
 Turning Bowls
 Dennis White
 3  Boxes, Goblets, Screw Threads
 Dennis White
 4  Novelties and Projects
 Dennis White
 5  Classic Profiles
 Dennis White
 6  Twists and Advanced Turning
 Dennis White
 7  Wood Turning Techniques
 Gary Rance
 8  Screwples No. 1
 John Berkley
 9  Wood Turning Foundation Course
 Keith Rowley
 10  Start With Circular/ Band Saw
 Not Given
 11  Superior Turned Pens
 Paul Loseby
 12  Popular Wood Turning 1
 Reg Slack and Roy Sutton
 13  Popular Wood Turning 2  Reg Slack and Roy Sutton
 14  Wood Turning Projects 1  Rex Burningham and Kip Christenson
 15  Wood Turning Projects 2  Rex Burningham and Kip Christenson
 16  Wood Turning Projects 3  Rex Burningham and Kip Christenson
 17  Wood Turning Projects 4  Rex Burningham and Kip Christenson
 18  Turning Wood
 Richard Raffan
 19  The New Turning Wood
 Richard Raffan
 20  Turning Projects
 Richard Raffan
 21  From a Tree to a Bowl
 Guy Ravine (RPT)


Author or Publisher
 1  Woodworking Crafts Annual
 Not Given
 2  Woodworker Annual
 Argus Books
 3  Wooden Toys
 4  Wizard Woodworking
 5  Turn an Elephant and Twelve Other Projects To Hone Your
  Turning Skills
 Brian Oram
 6  Woodworking Techniques
 7  Projects for Woodturners
 Chris Childs
 8  Turned Boxes - 50 Designs
 Chris Stott
 9  Design and Technology
 10  Woodworking for Beginners
 11  D.I.Y.  Conrans
 12  Woodturning  Dave Regester
 13  Artistic Woodturning
 Dale Nish
 14  The Small Workshop
 Fine Woodworking
 15  Proven Shop Tips
 Fine Woodworking
 16  The Woodworkers Handbook
 17  Furniture Restoration
 George Buchanan
 18  Home Maintenance
 19  Woodturning Jewellery
 Hilary Bowen
 20  Complete Woodturning
 Ian Hosker
 21  Hand or Simple Turning
 John Jacob Holtzapffel
 22  Woodturning Foundation Course
 Keith Rowley
 23  Classic Woodturning Projects
 Bonnie Klein
 24  The Bandsaw Book
 Lonnie Bird
 25  Wood Spirits
 Lora S. Irish
 26  Woodturning Evolution
 Nick Agar and Dave Springett
 27  Woodworking School
 Peter Collenette
 28  Start Sculpting
 29  Woodturning  Ray Allen
 30  Turning Pens and Pencils
 Rex Burningham and Kip Christenson
 31  Turning Wood
 Richard Raffan
 32  Turning Boxes
 Richard Raffan
 33  Woodturning - A Fresh Approach
 Robert Chapman
 34  Woodshop Dust Control
 Sandor Nagyszalanczy
 35  Working Green Wood
 36  Pyrography  Stephen Poole
 37  Chip Carving
 Wayne Barton
 38  The Complete Pyrography
 Dennis Keeling
 39  Handbook of Hardwoods
 R.H. Farmer
 40  The Complete Pyrography
 Stephen Poole
 41  Pyrography Workbook
 Sue Walters
 42  H.T.H.T. (Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment)
 Tubal Cain
 43  Wood and Woodworking Materials
 Not Given
 44  Woodturning Techniques
 Mike Darlow
 45  Woodturning Methods
 Mike Darlow
 46  Woodturning Design
 Mike Darlow
 47  Laminate Designs in Wood
 Clarence Rannefeld
 48  Woodturning - An Individual Approach
 Dave Regester
 49  Segmented Turning - A Practical Guide
 Dennis Keeling
 50  Segmented Turning - A Complete Guide
 Ron Hampton
 51  Decorating Turned Wood
 Liz and Michael O'Donnell
 52  The Art of Segmented Woodturning
 Malcolm Tibbetts
 53  Segmented Woodturning
 William Smith
 54  Contemporary Turned Wood
 Leier, Perters, Wallace
 55  Pleasure and Profit Woodturning
 Reg Sherwin
 56  Woodworking Projects for the Garden
 Richard Freudenberger
 57  52 Toys and Puzzles for the Weekend Woodworker
John A. Nelson
 58  Wooden Garden Structures (A Complete Guide)
 Mark Ekin
 59  Multi-Centre Woodturning
 Ray Hopper
 60  Turning Bowls  Step-by-Step
 Dave Regester
 61  Make Your Own Dolls' House Furniture  Maurice Harper
 62  Useful Woodturning Projects: The Best from
 Woodturning Magazine
 Nick Hough
 63  Wonders in Wood the Art of the Woodturner  Tony Boase
 64  Furnish a Doll's House  Michal Morse
 65  Useful Techniques For Woodturners:
 The Best From WOODTURNING Magazine
 Guild of Master Craftsman
 66  Advanced Scrollsaw Projects  N/A
 67  Rocking Horses  Margaret Spencer
 68  Tudors Dolls Houses  Geoffrey West
 69  Making Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale  Brian Nickolls
 70  Build a Doll's House  Michal Morse
 71  American Folk Toys: Easy-to-Build Toys for Kids of All Ages  John R. Nelson Jr.
 72  Making Tudor Dolls' Houses  Derek Rowbottom
 73  Bill Jones' Notes from the Turning Shop  Bill Jones
 74  Identifying Wood: Accurate Results With Simple Tools  R. Bruce Hoadley
 75  The Router Joinery
 Pat Warner
 76  Stained Glass Clock Gallery
 Randy Wardell
 77  Making Classic English Furniture: A Modern Approach to Traditional Cabinetmaking  Paul Richardson
 78  Picture Framing: A Manual of Techniques
 David Scholes
 79  Making Little Boxes from Wood
 John Bennett

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