Club Equipment for Hire

In addition to all of the items shown in the Club Library - magazines, books, videos and DVDs - the Club has the following equipment available for hire to Club Members.
It is essential for Club Members to recognise that equipment is hired strictly on the basis of "if you break it - you replace it".
The Club is unable to provide insurance cover for items being used outside of the Club premises.  Fair wear and tear - from normal usage is acceptable.  All equipment is hired strictly for one-month at a time and must be returned at the next Club Night meeting.  Be aware that there may be a waiting list for the equipment you want to hire.

   Item Description                                                                                           
  Hire Cost per Month   

 Woodturning Lathe and Accessories (3/4" by 16 tpi spindle)
 Record DML 36 Lathe
 SIP 01936 Midi Lathe
 Self-centring chuck with 'C' jaws, small gripper jaws and chuck removal spanner
 Axminster Clubman K80 chuck with tools and 'C' jaws
 13 mm dia Jacobs chuck on No.1 MT spindle
 3" diameter faceplate
 6" diameter faceplate
 Axminster Eccentric Spiralling Chuck

 Woodturning Tools
 Robert Sorby 6 piece Woodturning Tool Set

 Manufacture Your Own Wooden Faceplates
 33mm by 3.3 Taper screw Tap, Spade bit and Tap Wrench
 1" by 8 tpi Taper Screw Tap, Spade bit and Tap Wrench
 3/4" by 16 tpi Taper Screw Tap, Spade bit and Tap Wrench

 Grinding Equipment
 Record 6" diameter wheel - Bench Grinder
 Robert Sorby Grinding Jig including Fingernail Profiler

 Outside Events Equipment
 Wolf Portable Petrol Generator

 Pyrography Equipment
 Basic Pyrography Kit
 Peter Child Pyrography Kit

 Robert Sorby Thread Chasing Kit £8
 Internal and External Thread Chasers - 16 TPI  
 Armrest/ Tool Support  
 Undercut/ Recess Tool  
 Thread Sizing Gauge  

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